Monday, 9 August 2010

Fed up with rumours! Get behind those who play!

The summer has been long and filled with rumours. I am fed up of hearing the same old keeper or centre back linked with the club, often the same old paragraphs being copied and pasted from a month ago. I think most of these rumours come out of desperation for writers to keep producing eye catching headlines and some come from desperate fans trying to will Mr. Wenger to buy someone.

Our targets for the season must be to challenge for the title and champions league. The FA and League cup I presume are left as bonuses for the youth and reserves. So if Mr. Wenger and the Board really want to take Chelsea and Utd to the wire in a title race we simply must strengthen the 1st eleven. I personnally hope we do compete for the FA Cup, the competition needs it, the club, fans and players need it.

We need:


We have quality full backs, a quality DC. I'm very happy with the midfield and don't believe we need another DMC, Song will get better and better in that role and Denilson, Djouru and Frimpong are enough cover for the odd couple of games here and there when he gets suspended and injured. Attacking wise we are amazing!

GK-I sympathise with Mr. Wenger as to get a keeper in he really needs to sell Fabianski or Almunia which I fear is more difficult than signing a new keeper. No one wants a dodgy keeper and no mediocre club can afford the wages of Almunia. I like Mannone and Szczeny, but they need a solid number 1 in front of them for a year or two.

DC- Djouru is a decent squad member when fit, until he gets a solid season under his belt then he cannot be thought of as the answer to our problems. He needs to stay fit this season and have a good Cup run and be solid when in for a injured player, next season he could break into the 1st team if he does well. Koscielny so far I do not think he is the answer either. When Vermalen came straight away we could see his quality. Koscielny has looked good in some parts of pre-season (that tackle in the box on Pato) but then not good enough other times (Samaras destroyed him physically), imagine Drogba! Though I'm confident he could manage Berbatov! So again like Djouru he needs this season to prove himself from chances in the Cups and cover.

I feel Mr. Wenger is trying very hard to get the right man in. I think he wants a trophy this season and he knows that means he has to sign 2 players. Due to Almunia being hard to sell I think we will only get 1 in.

Please no more rumours, lets wake up one day to a news report saying SIGNED! But if not then lets get behind the team more than ever, every season they give us the best football, who wants to win things by thumping long balls and counter attacks having hardly touched the ball and relying heavily on the Scottish crossing game! If Almunia is our number 1 then lets try and help him with chants and no boos.

We can win something this season, if signings don't help, we WILL HELP!